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Brand Platform Services & Scaling –
the digital future of the pet market

As an innovation driver with the goal of digitising the pet market, the Digital Services & New Business area is particularly important for AlphaPet and an integral part of the long-term corporate strategy.
AlphaPet thus offers customers new points of contact around the topic of pets and can thus penetrate the pet market even more comprehensively, open up new business areas and generate valuable new customers and insights.

The New Business division bundles our extensive competencies in the areas of: Digital Services, Digital Brand Development, Digital Brand Building and Multi-Channel Brand Distribution. We use these services and competencies within the AlphaPet network and also offer them to external partners via our brand incubator so that they can benefit from our know-how.

AlphaPet as your Digital Brand Builder – Be one step ahead

AlphaPet is already the leading digital provider in the premium pet food sector and has profound knowledge in brand building and digital brand development. Our broad sales network and comprehensive customer insights from our e-commerce sector round off our expertise and make us the ideal partner to take your brands and products to the next level and support you holistically.

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Digital Content and Influencer

Classic marketing

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Our digital brand building concept includes building blocks of brand building at all digital touchpoints on our own e-commerce platforms (brand shops, text and video content, customer opinions and surveys, product reviews, etc.) as well as external platforms and sites (blogs, forums, influencers, social networks, etc.) and combines these with the right mix of classic marketing (TV, print, display ads, SEA, AdWords, etc.). Our multi-channel distribution also ensures comprehensive marketing across all relevant digital and stationary channels with a network of several thousand distribution partners.