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AlphaPet Organisation unsere Vision und Werte

The AlphaPet Vision – Establishing Healthy Pet Food in the Mainstream

We are already the largest independent premium online supplier of pet supplies in Germany and we want even more. Our vision is to establish healthy pet food in the mainstream, that is, to establish and make available healthy pet food through a combination of digital brand building and efficient multi-channel distribution across all channels. To bring healthy and high quality food to every bowl, because every pet deserves a really good diet.

The Goal – The Vision

AlphaPet establishes healthy pet food in the mainstream

The Journey – Our Business Model

Digital brand building through efficient multi-channel online and offline distribution

Equipment – How we achieve our goal

We have passion for pets & technology
We win as a team
We are customer centered
We learn fast & improve
We are motivated and hungry

Alphapet Organisation Vision how we reach the

AlphaPet Vision passion for pets and technology

We have passion for pets and technology

We love animals and living with them as they complete our lives. We are digital natives with a passion for innovation, technology and data. We believe that most problems are easiest and best solved based on data and with technology. That’s why we love to solve challenges as simply, innovatively and with the help of IT as possible.

AlphaPet Vision we win as a team

We win as a team

We win as a team because we know that together we complete our skills and because we live teamwork. We encourage the shared exchange of ideas and mutual support to achieve our goals. We believe that everyone in the AlphaPet team plays an important role in our common success!

AlphaPet Vision we are customer centered

We are customer centered

Our business partners, customers and their animals are close to our hearts. Our vision is for AlphaPet to establish healthy pet food in the mainstream. This starts with offering and developing the right products, providing good and competent advice and making it easy and convenient to be our partner to help your pet live a healthy life.

AlphaPet Vision we learn fast and improve

We learn fast and improve

Implementing things quickly and scaling them when they are successful is one of our great strengths. We are courageous and have the guts to fail sometimes, because we know that we learn quickly, get back up again and then do it better. We focus on the important issues and projects that have the greatest impact on AlphaPet’s success.

We are motivated and hungry

We are driven by our vision and have the ambition to achieve extraordinary things. We are motivated and hungry to provide our customers and partners with the best brands, develop the best products and market them in the best way for them to buy online or offline from us.