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    Do you have questions about a job opening, career opportunities at AlphaPet or our benefits? 


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    Our Benefits

    Cat and dog eating togetherCat and dog eating together
    Job with deeper meaning
    With us, you can expect responsible, exciting and varied tasks with a lot of creative freedom, which are aimed at making our mission to "establish healthy pet food in the mainstream" a reality
    Happy people sitting at a table and eatingHappy people sitting at a table and eating
    Team with heart
    At AlphaPet, you will find only open team members, friendly cooperation and regular exchange among each other. Elbow mentality and bad mood os out of place here
    Alarm clock with clock next to a bed, showing 8:05 a.m.Alarm clock with clock next to a bed, showing 8:05 a.m.
    Full flexibility
    You are an early bird and prefer to start your workday earlier rather than later? Or you are a night owl and prefer to sleep a little longer? Or do you prefer to take a longer lunch break to go to the gym? No problem! Plan your workday the way it suits you and your everyday life
    Man sitting at a laptop with a coffeeMan sitting at a laptop with a coffee
    Home Office
    We believe that our employees are most productive when they feel comfortable. That's why we let people decide every day wheater they want to come into the office or prefer to work from their home office within Germany. To make sure we don't lose sight of each other, we meet once a month as part of our mandatory team days at the Munich office
    Woman sitting at a laptop on a terrace next to an ocean with a straw hat.Woman sitting at a laptop on a terrace next to an ocean with a straw hat.
    Work from Abroad
    You long for warm weather, beautiful beaches and turquoise water? With our "work from abroad" program you can work for max. 3 months a year from abroad within the EU - by the way, we are always happy to receive postcards
    Bird's eye view of a person in the seaBird's eye view of a person in the sea
    Vacation - more ocean vibes for all!
    In addition to 28 paid vacation days, you also have the option of taking up to 20 days of unpaid vacation on top. Of course, we also offer the classic special leave (e.g. for relocation, wedding, etc.)
    Fluffy dog hugging a wheel of an office chair below a deskFluffy dog hugging a wheel of an office chair below a desk
    Office Dogs
    We welcome not only new human team members, but also their furry noses. In our office, numerous offie dogs are waiting for you, who are always happy about new friends and playmates as well as great lunchtime walks
    Person giving a speech about something at a tablePerson giving a speech about something at a table
    You never stop learning
    We support you in your professional and personal development. For this purpose, we offer you the opportunity for internal and external further training
    Percent sign is held in the picturePercent sign is held in the picture
    Employee discounts - for people & pets
    Our humans enjoy our Corporate Benefits discounts, whereas our pets love to take advantage of our brand discounts to chow down on even more tasty treats and sample their way through our assortment
    Feiernde MenschenFeiernde Menschen
    Events, Parties & Exchange
    To ensure that we also get to see our home office employees on a regular basis, we hold an event at least once a quarter where we can exchange ideas and see each other face to face

    Young woman helping elder man at a laptop
    Company pension scheme
    You should not only feel financially secure in the present, but also in old age. That's exactly why we support you with a 15% subsidy for company pension plans to provide for your old age. You are also welcome to take existing contracts with you to us
    openup logoopenup logo
    Mental Health - OpenUp
    Your mental health is close to our heart - that's why you have the possibility to get in contact with real therapists & therapy groups via "OpenUp" and just talk yourself out - completely anonymous and free of charge for you!
    Modern office with social areaModern office with social area
    Modern offices & great Social Area
    We offer our employees not only fully equipped workplaces, but also a high-quality social area with kitchen, table football, sofa landscape incl. a Nintendo Switch area to relax in
    Start-up Mentality
    We live the start-up mentality. With us, you can expect an open, relaces and harmonious working atmosphere and communication across all levels, as well as a very happy "you" culture
    Snacks & Drinks
    All-time classic: We provide you with complimentary beverages such as Club Mate, coffee or tea, and a well-stocked snack & candy drawer to get you through the day

    Our Application process

    Your application

    Start searching for your new dream job and send us your application including a CV, short cover letter as well as your earliest starting date (or your current notice period) and your salary expectations directly via our job page.

    Review of your application

    We have received your application - congratulations! Now we need a few days to carefully review your application.


    To do this, we check weather you meet the minimum requirements for the position (e.g. special technical or language skills). As soon as this is done, we will contact you with feedback.

    Interview phase

    We would like to get to know you, your expectations and your previous career including professional background better in the context of your application process. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the entire process. 


    You can expect three interviews during the interview process - a fourth interview is added on top for senior roles and above:


    1. Step – Human Resources Call: The first interview is about undestanding you and your requirements for a new challenge. After all, it should be a match for both sides.
    2. ​Step – Hiring Manager Call: In the second round of interviews, you get to know your direct supervisor. Here you will discuss your previous experiences and skills in more detail and talk about the tasks and requirements of the position.
    3. Step – Final Call: In the third and usually last round of interviews, you will be sent a case study, which you will present to us in the final interview. The case study gives you a realistic insight into the tasks of the role and shows us your approach to the new tasks and projects. Afterwards, any open questions can be answered.
    4. Step – On top Call: If you still have open questions after the third round, we can clarify them in an optional call. A fourth call is scheduled for senior-level positions and above, in which you will meet the managing director responsible for your department.


    You have successfully completed the interview phase and we are convinced that you would be a great addition to our team.


    Our recruiter will inform you about your offer by phone and go through all the conditions with you - if we agree, you will receive your new employment contract via eSignature from our recruiter within two workiing days. The postal contract will be sent to you a little later.

    Onboarding phase

    We have received your signed employment contract - this means that the relevant People & Culture Managers will start your onboarding.

    What does this mean exactly? 

    We create your internal employee profile, prepare your hardware, grant your account the necessary access rights & request all the documents we need for your new journey with us a few weeks before yoou start.

    ​​Your first day at work is just around the corner - and now?
    ​Our People & Culture Manager will send you all the important information you need for your start with us - in addition, your direct supervisor will contact you shortly before your start & you will discuss all the important details for your first days with us.

    People clapping at two people shaking handsPeople clapping at two people shaking hands

    Our types of employment

    Start your career with us as a working student (m/f/d), ...

    Are you studying at a college or university and want to gain practical experience in a dynamic, fast-growing SME with a start-up mentality alongside your studies? Then you've come to the right place! We offer students the opportunity to join us as a working student, to gain practical experience and then to combine this with the theoretical knowledge from their studies. 

    ... within the framework of an Internship (voluntary & mandatory as a pracitcal semester) ​​... 

    Are you looking for a voluntary internship to find out what you want to do professionally later on? Or would you like to pass the time between your bachelor's and master's degree with a practical task? Or do you have to complete a practical semester or mandatory internship as part of your studies?


    Then we are the right place for you! We offer you insights into the various departments of our company and give you the opportunity to gain practical experience with us. In addition, we are always happy when our team members stay with us after the end of the internship in the context of a working student job or permanent employment!

    ... or classical in a permanent employment​​ 

    Are you looking for your first permanent position? Do you simply want to change professionally and start a new challenge, which may even lead you to a new industry, but in any case to new team members?


    Then you can end your search now! Our permanent positions include a classic 40 hours/week. This is not an option for you, e.g. due to childcare, care of a relative or other reasons? We also offer some of our open vacancies as part-time roles. Please contact us and we will check whether we can fill the vacancy on a part-time basis.


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