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    AlphaPets brand portfolio: Differentiated Leader

    The brand portfolio of AlphaPet Ventures GmbH comprises ten premium brands, including well-known brands such as Wolfsblut, Arden Grange, Wildes Land, Herrmann's Manufaktur and Müller's Naturhof.


    They are sold through the company's own multi-brand stores and, as well as through the mono-brand stores,,, and Beyond the pet food brands, the multi-brand stores and also see themselves as their own brands.

    Better ingredients, better dog food

    From the Rocky Mountains of North America, the Arctic tundra, the mountains and forests of Europe to the deserts and steppes of Central Asia, wolves hunt their prey. This provides them with meat and offal and, through the stomach contents, also with vegetables, fruits, roots and herbs. Cereals are rarely found here. 


    The feed of Wolfsblut builds on these habitats and their colorful food diversity. From the selection of exceptional meats to the nutrient-rich superfoods, Wolfsblut offers every dog a species-appropriate and original diet.


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    Wolfsblut brand logo
    Wolfs in nature

    Arden Grange:
    Nutrition without compromise

    Arden Grange is a British pet food brand that has been pioneering pet nutrition for over 25 years. Our core philosophy is "nutrition without compromise". All our dog and cat foods are based on uncomplicated, naturally hypoallergenic formulas. 


    Our food is easily digestible and extremely palatable, with no added artificial flavors or sugars. In addition, our formulas contain exceptional ingredients that are carefully selected primarily for their nutritional value. We combine these ingredients with powerful natural supplements to promote optimal health and wellness. We're on a mission to fill every dog & cat bowl in the UK, as well as beyond, with something good.


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    Arden Grange brand logo
    Slightly overgrown house in British style

    Wildes Land:
    Pure nature!

    Wildes Land stands for species-appropriate and natural nutrition for dogs and cats. We produce high-quality dog and cat food that is completely tailored to the natural needs of our pets. 


    Extra meat, no grain, no gluten - food with a high acceptance and compatibility and the use of valuable wild herbs distinguish our food. Out of love for our animals, "pure nature" goes directly into the bowl for us!


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    Wildes Land brand logo
    Playful dog in nature

    Herrmann’s Manufaktur:
    The organic pioneer in pet food

    Since 2006, Herrmann's Manufaktur has been producing organic pet food with hand and heart. We think the love for animals should not end with your own pet. That is why organic is our minimum standard. This way we can guarantee that the farm animal has also lived in a species-appropriate way. 


    We obtain our meat from organic farming, species-appropriate husbandry or directly from the wild - because air and meadow are better than any stable, however large it may be.


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    Hermann's Manufaktur brand logo
    Jogger jogging his dog

    Müller´s Naturhof:
    A diet close to nature

    Müller's Naturhof stands for a piece of home as well as traditional food for our pets. Honest, original and simply delicious. 


    Lovingly selected, local ingredients are combined with gentle traditional production methods - for natural and species-appropriate menus. Müller's Naturhof offers dogs and cats the best food from the countryside and provides your pet with valuable ingredients all around.


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    Müller's Naturhof brand logo
    Cat and Dog cuddling

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