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    AlphaPet Ventures - Healthy Pet Food from the beginning

    AlphaPet Ventures is a digital brand platform that emerged from the merger of two digital companies: pets Premium, founded by Marco Hierling in 2011, and ePetWorld, founded by Stefan Pfannmöller in 2012. Since the beginning, both pioneers have revolutionised the digital market for premium pet food.


    Our vision is to improve the well-being of our four-legged friends by offering only healthy, high-quality pet food. AlphaPet stands for the promise of putting love and care for pets into every meal - a promise that began with the founding of pets Premium and ePetWorld and still forms our corporate culture today.


    As a digital brand platform, AlphaPet brings together the best of both worlds by combining traditional values such as care and quality with modern technology and a future-orientated strategy. The end result is a vision of a better future for our four-legged friends - a future in which healthy pet food is no longer the exception, but the rule.

    Our goal - the AlphaPet vision

    AlphaPet establishes healthy pet food in the mainstream.

    AlphaPet Vision logo above a snowy mountain top with 4 climbers approaching itAlphaPet Vision logo above a snowy mountain top with 4 climbers approaching it
    Q3 2023Discontinuation of the sale of third-party brands

    AlphaPet is focussing its strategic orientation on its own brands and is therefore discontinuing the sale of third-party brands. The new strategic direction will enable AlphaPet to invest even more in brand development and respond to the needs of its customers in a more focussed manner.

    February 2023AlphaPet acquires Herrmann's Manufaktur

    AlphaPet strengthens its position in DACH and acquires Herrmann's Manufaktur, the leading German premium brand in organic wet food (asset deal).

    January 2023Introduction of a brand-based organizational structure

    Leverage group-level capabilities holistically and maintain brand differentiation.

    AlphaPet has created a digital brand platform with strong support functions (finance, strategic sourcing, people management, etc.) that allows new brands to be integrated even faster, laying the foundation of scalability for each AlphaPet brand while preserving its uniqueness.

    February 2022AlphaPet acquires Arden Grange

    AlphaPet pushes ahead with its internationalization and acquires the leading British premium dry dog food brand Arden Grange.

    January 2020AlphaPet acquires Wolfsblut 

    AlphaPet acquires Healthfood 24 GmbH and the leading German premium dry dog food brand Wolfsblut. AlphaPet is thus transforming its business model into a digital brand platform that generates over 80% of its sales with own brands.

    March 2017Development of the brand Müller's Naturhof

    AlphaPet recognizes the need for high-quality pet food even among more price-sensitive customers and develops the Müller's Naturhof brand, which follows the nature trend and has since successfully served the premium entry segment.

    January 2017Foundation of Premium Pet Products GmbH

    Due to the successful digital brand building, the interest of offline retailers in AlphaPet's own brands such as Wildes Land increases. In 2017, the subsidiary Premium Pet Products GmbH is therefore founded, which is the sales company and contact for all B2B partners and offline retailers, laying the foundation for AlphaPet's successful multi-channel sales.

    Mai 2016Merger of pets Premium & Hundeland 

    The merger of pets Premium GmbH and ePetWorld GmbH creates AlphaPet Ventures GmbH. The two platforms join forces to realize the same vision: to establish healthy pet food in the mainstream.

    April 2014Development of the brand Wildes Land

    The development of Wildes Land, initiates the change of the business model from pure E-Commerce to a digital brand developer. Furthermore, the development of Wildes Land represents a blueprint for the organic development of other premium brands.

    February 2012Foundation of ePetWorld GmbH (Hundeland)

    ePetWorld GmbH offers pet owners, by means of digital feed advice, the individually best product of well-known quality brands at a fair price.

    October 2011Foundation of pets Premium GmbH

    From the very beginning, pets Premium has focused on premium and exclusive brands with exclusively high-quality pet products. In doing so, pets Premium combines the digital distribution of premium brands with a value-based and consulting-focused marketing approach.

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