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    AlphaPet is the leading digital brand platform for premium pet food in Europe. Our vision is to establish healthy pet food in the mainstream. Our sales strategy is based on a consistent multi-channel strategy with a high level of direct access to end customers through our premium brands' own D2C platforms, supplemented by strong B2B sales partners.

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    AlphaPet establishes healthy pet food in the mainstream through its business model

    AlphaPet's unique business model is largely made up of the following components:

    • Brand portfolio of 5 leading premium brands
    • Digital multi-channel sales with ~50% D2C and 50% B2B share
    • >10 years of expertise in digital brand building
    • Scalable platform with strong holding functions (IT, SCM, HR, BI and Finance)
    • Successful buy & build strategy
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    AlphaPets Brand Centric Organization

    The Brand Centric Organisation offers the AlphaPet brands an excellent platform for sustainable and profitable growth. The professional infrastructure is specially designed for further scaling, from a high-performance technical basis and a specialised D2C infrastructure to efficient purchasing and logistics for end customers and B2B partners. In addition, BI and standardised processes ensure optimal support for every brand in the AlphaPet portfolio. The multi-brand platforms and extensive B2B sales network contribute to efficient sales and continuous growth for each brand. Direct customer contact provides valuable insights and enables rapid adaptation to market changes, giving AlphaPet a decisive competitive advantage.

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    Overview of the AlphaPet Ventures brand portfolioOverview of the AlphaPet Ventures brand portfolio

    AlphaPet in numbers

    Sales growth per year
    Pets of employees
    Own-brand brand share
    D2C- & B2B-distribution
    Offline point of sales
    Merger & acquisitions

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    Do you want to work in a job that is not only fulfilling but also makes a meaningful contribution?


    Join AlphaPet now and become part of an exceptional team that works passionately every day to expand our brand portfolio and realise our vision of establishing healthy pet food in the mainstream.


    With your support, we can reach further milestones together and establish ourselves as the leading digital brand platform for premium pet food across Europe!

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