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Digital brand building of premium pet brands

Through our brands and distribution platform, Premium Pet Products (, we develop and distribute innovative and modern pet brands that are based on current market trends and offer the highest degree of differentiation.

The focus is exclusively on high-quality pet brands and products in the premium segment. The brands are sold online via our eCommerce platforms which are complemented by a digital brand-building concept that goes far beyond AlphaPet’s own platforms.
The brand-building concept includes building blocks for brand development at all digital touchpoints. On AlphaPet’s own online platforms (brand shops, text and video content, customer opinions and surveys, product reviews, etc.) as well as on external platforms and sites (blogs, forums, influencers, social networks, etc.), combined with the right mix of classic marketing (TV, print, display ads, SEA, AdWords, etc.). With a network of several thousand distribution partners, our multi-channel distribution ensures comprehensive marketing across all relevant digital and stationary channels.

Digital brand building of premium brands

Wildes Land
Muellers Naturhof
daily choice
Ziwi Peak

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